Soul Calibur - Master Your Weapon!

The story of souls and swords, told for all eternity. The greatest weapons-based fighter game returns. Soul Calibur unleashes fantastic fighters, fascinating combos that will make your head spin and incredible graphics. Instead of body technique, kicks and fists, each combatant comes equipped with a unique weapon which is their primary tool for destroying the opponent!
In Soul Calibur the weapons are trying to hint on the combatant characteristics as well.

How To Play
Soul Calibur is a robust fighting game which supports standard arcade mode,2-player offline Vs, Team Battle of up to eight fighters in the last man standing model, Time Attack, Survival and even Extra Survival mode. Mission mode is somewhat missing in this game. However the arcade-story is a brilliant mode had you fighting through a progressive story under various stressful conditions.

Key Features
1. Amazing fresh weapon-based 3D fighting game which returns to the roots of combat games which were ans still very popular
2. State of the art graphics. Really (made by Unreal 4 Graphics Engine)
3. An epic story mode of the struggle, might be your favorite mode
4. Enjoyable gameplay mechanics for intense showdowns. This part is also pretty impressive and well-made

Soul Calibur is just feels great. Combat is fast and precise with returning characters and some ionic moves and even very nice extra touches. Definitely worth your time so do not wait - Play Now.

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