Question: Just made an order. When should I expect the shipping?

Answer: We ship anywhere in the world free of charge, so you can be 100% sure that you won't pay for the shipping fees. Shipping time depends on your country and shipping address. Be aware the not all of our merchandise and items are being shipped from the same warehouse. It may take anywhere from 10 days up to 45 days until receiving the item. This is highly dependent on the product and/or import process in your country. Please note during the holiday season, time frames may be a little longer. You may contact the shipping carriers directly at the number provided in the shipping notification emails you will receive.

Question: If the order has several items, will you ship all in one package ?

AnswerMost of the times, Yes. However it is also depends on the items locations. If they are not in the same warehouse, they will be shipped separately.

Question: What about your Refunds/Exchange Policy ?

Answer: We are 100% here for you. Refund can occurs in different situations. Check our refund policy for more info. Moreover, you are welcome to contact us and explain the issue and our support team will do its best to assist you.

Question: Do you accept wholesale order ?

Answer: Sure, just leave us a message in our "contact us" section with all the info and our representatives will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Question: I am looking for specific item and could not find it. Can you get it?

Answer: You are in the right place. We are well connected with retailers and suppliers. Thus, we are able to get many products that have not been published yet. Feel free to drop us message about the requested item. 


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