Adam's Venture Chronicles [Steam]

Adam's Venture Chronicles [Steam]

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Adam Venture is a renowned explorer and adventurer. During his epic adventures, set in the 1920's, he encounters anti-que artefacts, ancient mysteries and the player will decipher strange symbols. Supporting him is his accomplice: Evelyn, with her the player will solve ingenious puzzles and embark on breathtaking platform challenges to outsmart the evil Clairvoix Corporation.

  • Contains 3 episodes full of epic adventure
  • Uses motion capture technology for realistic animations
  • Developed using the critically acclaimed Unreal Engine 3
  • Brilliant rendered in vivid 3D for striking visuals and truly stunning environments.
  • Non - violent, family friendly game play
  • Rich and involving storyline that weaves a classic adventure with historical overtones
  • Physically interact with objects and your surroundings, to really absorb yourself into the atmosphere
  • Challenging puzzles and action orientated game play brings a whole new depth and feel to the adventure game.


Game: Adam's Venture Chronicles
Category: Action & Adventures
Type: PC Game
Platform: Steam

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