Simple Wired Controller Dual-vibration Gamepad


Simple Wired Controller Dual-vibration Gamepad

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Handle buttons are used micro-switch as a button to increase the handle of the comfort, accuracy, sensitivity.

Using the crystal hood button, in the durability at the same time, reflects the handle of the high level of the atmosphere.

Siamese disc direction cross key, the direction of positioning more accurate. 360 precision 3D joystick, concave design feel comfortable and sensitive.

Handle support win98 / me / 2000 /XP / WIN7 / WIN8 and other operating systems.

Handle suitable for sports games, such as live football, FIFA football, Need for Speed and other games need to set the button.
Handle direction keys for the four directional design, flexible operation, feel comfortable, not because of a long game and feel some of the fatigue of the fingers.



Handle function introduction

Compatible with USB1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 interface, support hot-swappable; Rated operating current (normal state, vibration state): static maximum 35mA, vibration up to 150mA.

The handle supports the direct-xr instruction class.

The handle supports USB1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0.

Handle support win98 / me / 2000 / xp / win7 / WIN8 and other operating systems.

Handle handle with digital, analog two operating modes.

Handle 8 action keys, double analog joystick.

Handle with ergonomic design, the game feel comfortable.

The handle has a 2-axis 12 key, rounded arrow design.


Type: Wired Controller Gamepad

Material: ABS

Quantity: 1pc

Color: White

Voltage: 5V

Fit for: Windows 98/ for 2000/ for ME/ for XP/ for Vista/WIN7 / WIN8(Apple computers need the special drive)

Interface: USB part

Cable Length: Approx. 1.8m / 5.9ft

Size: 15.3*10.8*6cm / 6.1*4.3*2.3" (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 0.25kg / 8.7oz


1*Wired Controller Gamepad

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