Superb Wired USB Gamer Keyboard


Superb Wired USB Gamer Keyboard

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If you want to experience typewriterlike crispness and lightness, if you want to feel the thrill of fast, accurate gaming, then this keyboard will do everything you need.

RGB cool LED backlight.
Suspension keycap design.
Full keyboard without conflict, fast response.
16.8 million kinds of color, color edit customizable.
All mechanical switches, professional e-sports players standard equipment. 
Multimedia function key combination, work game balance.
Free of EEPROM memory, adopt Flash memory chip.

Item type: Keyboard 
Color: Black, pink(optional)
Key life: 50 million
Working voltage: DC 5V±5%
Current: 500mA
Package weight: 617g / 1.36lb
Package size: 0.385 * 0.165 *  0.065m / 15.1 * 6.49 * 2.55in

Package list: 
1 * Keyboard 
1 * User manual
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